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COYFC is passionate about helping young people thrive in all areas of their lives. And we are convinced that a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to this outcome. We invite you to join us in learning about COYFC's growing outreach, and how you can partner with us in this mission to help impact the lives of teens in tough places.
You are invited to a "See The Story" tour, a one hour presentation that includes stories from teenagers who participate in YFC and volunteers who are committed to this work.

Campus Life Ministry Tour

Campus Life helps High School and Middle School students build authentic relationships with adults and other teens through club meetings, mentoring, camps and retreats. In this See the Story Tour you’ll hear from a teenager whose life has been impacted by Campus Life’s outreach, and you’ll learn why relational ministry is so effective in sharing Christ with teenagers.

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Multi-County Juvenile Justice Ministry Tour

Teens in the Multi-County Juvenile Detention Center have made negative choices that led to their incarceration. However, it’s in this environment where they often take time to think about God, and ask our chaplains deep, thoughtful questions. In this tour you’ll go inside the facility, interact with incarcerated teens, and see why this impactful ministry is helping teens learn about their hope in Christ and His plan for their lives.

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COYFC Ministry Tour

In the COYFC MINISTRY TOUR you’ll hear from our students themselves. You'll learn about our CITY LIFE outreach to inner-city youth. You'll see how GRACEHAVEN is helping to change the lives of minors who have been trafficked in the sex industry. And you'll see how YFC is teaching teens life and job skills through HIRE LEVEL AUTO and HIRE LEVEL PROMOTIONS.

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Franklin County Juvenile Justice Ministry Tour

YFC chaplains at the Franklin county JDC meet with incarcerated teens, answer their questions from God’s word, and encourage them to make positive changes based on His plan for their life. In this tour you’ll learn about the life of an incarcerated teen, how YFC is intentionally engaging these teens with love, truth and grace, and helping them learn to build a future based on positive choices through the help of the Holy Spirit.

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